Located in front of the Mingan Archipelago, the Maison de la culture innue was built on the site where the traditional camp for the summer months formerly stood. The place truly represents our traditional nomadic way of life, as it is found between the Nitassinan and the islands, that is to say, between summer and winter. To enrich your experience, a traditional site is set up outside the cultural centre with a Shaputuan and a fire to bake bannock or cook game.

In keeping with tradition, a visit of our famous church, which is at a two-minute walking distance from the centre, is a must. It is a beautiful cultural emblem that exhibits our Innu culture. Come and meet us to discover our customs and live a unique experience.



The Maison de la culture innue is a unique and innovative gathering place that fosters intercultural and intergenerational exchanges.
For us, the Innu, sharing is a sign of respect in which we place great value.
Without sharing, many of our elders would not have survived. Without sharing, there is no evolution.

Feel free to ask questions. We will share our knowledge as best we can and always be open to hearing about yours.
We look forward to seeing you!



We are extremely proud, after millennia, to still speak our language—Innu-aimun. We do everything possible to pass on our language. Here, at the Maison de la culture innue, we offer three programs to pass on our traditional craftsmanship, our language and our medicinal knowledge.
– Traditional craftsmanship: Eshi katshiut tshukuminu
– Medicinal knowledge: Innu natukuna
– Innu language lab: Innu-Aimun

It is thanks to our courage, humour and adaptability that our people still live on. Here, you will learn about our past, our present and our future, and it is with a smile and great pleasure that we will greet you.